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Thursday, March 26, 2015

when it comes to planning a wedding, it is always stressful and exhausting as there are many people to meet, places to go and things to note on. often brides tend to miss out on some important notes for their wedding day itself. therefore it is always good to have a planner and coordinator to handle it instead. yet, there still are many who do not see the value of wedding planners.

so here are the 10 things brides who plans their wedding tend to miss out.

It is agreeable to splurge on your wedding as it would be a once-in-a-lifetime event but you should always have a budget for it. Often I tell my couples NEVER to burst their budget and NEVER take a loan for your wedding. My rationale is simple, you wouldn't want to start your next chapter or family with debt, do you?

Co-related to budgeting, So you're making a list of must-haves for your wedding but you should always not on your priorities. Simple, if you intend to have good food for the guests then opt for simpler and smaller centerpieces or DIY them instead. Concentrate on the things you will remember most and don't stress about (plus save money on) the rest of it!

Always remember that it's your wedding but don't be surprised if there are plenty of people giving you opinions and suggestions. Take it kindly and simply thank them or let them know you've got other ideas on your mind.

You wouldn't want to stress up on the day itself. So while planning your wedding, always prepare a checklist of the important things and hand them over to the person-in-charge (may it be the Maid Of Honor or Best Man).

Always be sure to feed the people who will be working nonstop to make your day flawless. You wouldn't want them to faint throughout your wedding day or upset them!

Life is filled with imperfections with a saying that goes "Man can plan but god dispense", so always have Plan B or C just in case anything happens! Always have a back up of everything! Like having a wedding emergency kit that can help (stain wipes and safety pins, of course!). Bring another copy of your vows, a makeup bag (or other toiletries), and so on.

There are reasons why you have Bridesmaids and Groomsmen around for your wedding. You can't be stressing up that the cake is not here or the photographer is late. Delegate them to these important assistants to help you out with reminding and calling.

Always try everything on at least once, your dress, shoes (especially if they are a new pair) and other accessories if they are matching. You might lose or gain a little weight before the wedding, so always make sure you try it again a week before the wedding. Practice in your gown and heels a day or two before the wedding so you know how to walk and move about in it. You wouldn't want to be uncomfortable on your wedding day!

Don't panic or sweat over the tiny stuff. Most brides are fussy even on the teeniest details like whether their table linen are properly placed or the colours of the flowers. You wouldn't really notice them when you're walking down your aisle or busy mingling with your guests. Like seriously.

Last but not least... This is your big day! So enjoy it as much as you can!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

i have to admit i've been pretty much slacking on blogging *and gym time* for the longest time ever and for no reason. gahhhh~~~ plus i haven't really gotten back the crazy poser selfie mood. may be i'm just being lazy. excuses excuses heh~

haven't really been practicing as much as before as well but currently back on track. and i come to realize a new standing position. gasp! i've been standing on the right corner of the throw line and now it has changed! time for more practice to getting used to my new position especially for cricket! heh~

and oh! been doing some home hunting lately but it comes to either too far or too expensive. plus condos these days are holding "commercial" titles which means utility bills and everything else are much more expensive than those under "residential titles" only because they are called Service Apartments. so many things to take note on. location. safety. bills. titles. floor plans. number of rooms. and so on.

sums up to pretty stressful and tiring when showrooms are seen and calculations are made. but to conclude that everything is too expensive. meh~ so we'll just have to wait n see.

as of now, time to head back to work!

Monday, March 23, 2015

on the last day, we got up and ready pretty early for yummy food hunting with his brother and girlfriend!~ so off we go to Ipoh old town for our very first stop - Hoong Tho Restaurant 鴻圖酒樓.

we ordered 3 dishes - Man Sang Har Mee (Fresh Prawn Noodles), Wat Tan Hor (Noodles with Egg Gravy) and also Sai Dou Yu Yuen (Fish Balls).

Yumi Says?
Man Sang Har Mee tasted kinda weird and the prawns weren't as fresh as expected so it's 4/10.
Wat Tan Hor was super awesome. gravy was smooth and the noodles are well cooked. 8.5/10
Sai Dou Yu Yuen is kinda special but not exactly my kinda food. 7/10

environment wise, the place is pretty old but not rundown so it was still pretty comfy but service was ok only. can't expect too much of a customer service from an old family business. heh.

Hoong Tho Restaurant 鴻圖酒樓
Ipoh Old Town (怡保舊街場) 
20, Jalan Bandar Timah, 
30000 Ipoh, Perak, 

next stop we walked a couple of steps down the road to the Original Nam Heong Coffee Shop for Nam Heong coffee and egg tarts. yup, the food never stop going into our tummies! hehe~~

Yumi Says?
Egg Tarts are the best! crispy layer of pastry with soft and not too sweet egg in the middle! 9/10!
Nam Heong Coffee was a lil too sweet for me. perhaps i should order kurang manis the next round. 7/10 as of now.

Nam Heong Coffee Shop ( 南香茶室 ) 
Ipoh Old Town (怡保舊街場) 
20, Jalan Bandar Timah, 
30000 Ipoh, Perak, 

and then off we headed to Wheel Noodle for a chill out session and to catch up with one and another. we ordered 1 bowl of "Dong Dong Fun" just to try it out but mehhhh not our kind of food. very much like boat noodle but slightly bigger portion.

up next, we drove around Ipoh Old Town to take pictures with mural paintings like little tourists! heh~

and finally taufufah before heading back home for dins! yums...

so that's the end of our 3 days in Ipoh. we will be back pretty soon for more awesome noms!

Monday, March 16, 2015

we headed out for the very famous Chong Yin Noodles for brunch on day two. this bowl of noodle costs RM7 but my verdict it's not that awesome and u can definitely find better ones in KL at a cheaper price. the soup is very clear but there weren't much ingredients in this bowl. hence, it is not worth paying RM7 for a bowl of noodles.

after brunch, we wanted to watch Kingsman but the timing wasn't suitable so we headed off to Ipoh Old Town to spend time with a cup of coffee and topping it up with a plate of yummy dessert.

found this place called Missing Marbles but it is very unnoticeable from the outside as they are keeping the original optical shop signage. so be on a lookout for the optical shop signage with lots of dangling vein leaves if you're looking to chill at this place.

on the inside of the cafe, the concept is definitely nostalgic and rundown as they've maintained the building as the way it is with vintage furniture and decorative items. vintage lovers would find this place cozy but may be a little too much and messy for non-vintage lovers. heh~

after that we headed back for the best yuet kwong hor which you can never buy! hehe~ home cook is always the best!

episode three coming next!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

took friday off to run some errands with him. after some really yummy fish head noodle, its off we go! to ipoh, the land where he came from. and we arrived somewhat 2 hours later.

first stop - aeon mall. and we ended up having tea at starbucks and watching Spongebob Movie at aeon mall. pretty fun to do this on a working weekday.

and then we headed back home for dins with his family. awesome homemade asam laksa and curry prawns! yums. it was so yummy i totally forgotten about taking pictures ><"but trust me, this is one bowl of asam laksa that is so delicious you cant find it anywhere outside!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

disclaimer: this is not a complaint rage post. neither it is a post for credit claiming.

when you love someone, you will come to realize that little sacrifices don't matter to you. you are willing to do so because what matters most is him or her, his or her well-being. what matters most is no longer YOU.

i decided to give up my weekend of fun and be there by his side last weekend. which he said "sien hor, your weekend gone just like this." truth on what ran through my mind? "i won't even have fun knowing that you're so sick. i rather be here with u."

i haven't been sleeping much for the past few days as my baby teddy fell ill and i was really worried and overly paranoid that it's dengue but he insisted that the fever is caused by the ulcer at his throat.

and so for the past 3 nights i've been monitoring his fever timing and i would just wake up naturally whenever i feel movement to check on him. making sure he gets his food, lots of water intake and medication before the 4th hour to break his fever away.

i'll be ur lil doc, nurse and medicine till you're ok! get well soon my baby teddy! 
and i really don't mind sacrificing fun time to be by ur side!

Friday, February 27, 2015

relationships have many stages and it all begins with the honeymoon. the honeymoon stage duration varies from couple to couple. keeping the relationship happy and going takes effort else one would eventually tired off and the relationship would die off sooner or later.

so what does it take to keep the spark in a relationship going? what does it take to maintain the relationship even after the honeymoon period is over? or what does it take to keep the relationship in the honeymoon period for as long as you can?

sometimes it doesn't have to be lavish luxury gifts. it doesn't mean expensive fine dine dinners. but the time spent together, the deep conversations, the little things and efforts made that would put a smile on your other half's face. little unexpected surprises for one and another. and the appreciation of these little efforts made. the appreciation of being together with one and another.

one general rule to remember is to never take each other for granted even if you're both comfortable being together. because it takes two hands to clap, two hearts to keep the beat, and two souls to keep it going.

sometimes all it takes is a very simple "i love you", "i miss you" or warm snuggle time on a long day. sometimes all it takes are simple gestures that would simply secure and put a smile on each other's face.

thank you baby teddy for accompanying me last night although you're sick. for feeling cold under the aircond while watching me compete and cheering for my team. for making sure i don't drive alone at night for my safety. i love u baby teddy!~ 4 months in a week's time and more days, months and even years to come!
Bass - Er Whey | Rhythm Guitar - Justin | Drums - Kimie
Vocal - Selina | Guitar - Syahir 

the very first time i watched Fly1ng Pan perform was on 30th of October 2014 for Dragon Red's new single Music Video launch at Laundry Bar. once again, they were back in Laundry but this time for Rock is Dead series.

the show started at 9.30 *as always malaysian timing will start half an hour late* and they were up first. performing the opening act, the 5 of them rocked their staged for 30 minutes performing to their J-Rock hits from Hypocrisy to Betrayal.

and then hitting into their soothing emo ballad - Zutto, to take a soft break from all the rock! this song that caught my mind since their first performance which i'd randomly hum to~~~

after that, they hyped up the crowd again with a cover of Evernasance's Bring Me to Life and ended their performance with Breakaway Carriage featuring guest vocalist Land Slyde of Dragon Red.

i have to admit that one person got my attention the whole night, hence he definitely have more photos than anyone else. well, basically he didn't have to get my attention anymore anyway. teehee~~~

if you're into J Rock or Japanese music in general, check them out @ Flying Pan!
for more pictures, head on to Rock Is Dead Album

Thursday, February 26, 2015

on the last day, i headed out for lunchie and Yoshinoya and finally managed to buy 3 pairs of Converse at a really good price before heading to the bust terminal coz Sab extended her stay.

first time taking the bus to the airport so i got off at the wrong terminal and had to walk back with my luggage. and after i was done, had lots of time to kill at the airport so i explored it with my super heavy luggage.

and then when i was tired, i got myself a drink and sat at the side while waiting for boarding. and then it was time to go home and back to work~

on day three we headed out on the double decker bus towards times square / sogo in town for more shopping. the ride was about 45 minutes long so we got to enjoy the view from upstairs.

passed by their container area whereby most hongkong tvb dramas or movies are filmed at. so now we know where they film all their fighting scenes hahaha!

had lunch at 7-11 which is very convenient and awesomely yummy! had char siew bao as well as curry fishballs! yummehhhhh!!! but the best part is they serve more than those that i've ordered like noodles and much more! and noodles are freshly cooked! how i wish we have these here!

did our window shopping *didn't managed to buy much coz everything so expensive and most of the converse shops were closed* and then we had yummy portugese egg tarts! walking pass the bakery itself caught our noses and they were hot and simply irresistible! we had one each coz it was soon for dinner time and we had to rush home for a 5 star chef dins. i shall let you drool to the pictures below!


and then after dinner, we headed out to AT bar for a quick dart and drinking session!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

after a long day at Disneyland, we headed back to town into Mongkok for my stinky tofu.

but first up we dropped by J Darts which was right out of the exit of Mongkok station. finally here for my first time!

and then for stinky tofu! but we had no idea where exactly was the famous stall located at. back then all we had to do was use our nose to smell our way through but the smell was no longer as strong as before. so we did what most tourist would do, ask the policemen stationed there.

and he went "u sure u wanna go to this stall? it's at Prince Edward not here, 4 roads away!" but he still showed me the way on his iphone 6 lols!~

so we hunted and finally found the place! but it wasn't stinky anymore. guess it's due to complains by other tourists or locals. om nom nom nomsss.

after noming we headed over to Fa Yuen Street which is also known as Bo Hai Kai (Sneakers Street) to hunt for my pair of Converse while Sab hunted for New Balance and Adidas Originals. the price of these sneakers are about 30% till 50% cheaper than in Malaysia and they have designs that you can't find here too! but we didn't manage to get the ones that we wanted to we continued walking around.

until we bumped across Langham Mall. hehe finally got to buy my Jill Stuart cosmetics! too pretty i almost wanted to buy everything displayed there!

before we ended our night, Hui Lau Shan for supper and then taking the light rail train back to yuen long before taking the mini bus back home!
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