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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

with the big V-Day coming around the corner, you either splurge on buying expensive gifts *or may be not so expensive gifts* and sending flowers to your loved ones. but then again Valentines Day bouquet is way over-ratted and over-priced. Having the same type of bouquet but with a double/triple-up price on this day? pfftttt!!!

everyday should be valentines day if you're in the right relationship, if you get what i mean. now rather than spending so much on this over-ratted day. but i'm pretty sure most couples would still give a gift and expect something in return. so here's a tip, why not be a lil cheapo *like me* and DIY a gift instead? it could be a lil time consuming but hey it's cheaper and the heart counts right?

here are some easy DIY ideas that you can use for this coming Valentines Day!

1. Love Messages with Sticky Notes

2. Redeemable Love Vouchers (HERE)

3. DIY stuff robot (HERE)

4. Valentines Day Cards
nothing beats more than DIY valentines day card! it's simple but sweet!

5. Self-Design Sharpie Mugs (HERE)

here's a lil something that i did for him. it's not pretty looking nor it is perfect but it's stupidly cute *as according to him* hahahahaha! gave it to him earlier coz i'll be away for 4 days.

now hurry on, go get your creative-self out and start DIY-ing for your loved-ones this Valentines Day!!! and i'll be heading off to Hong Kong tomorrow!!~ till i'm back, there won't be any updates on my blog butt follow me on my instagram for live updates! @iamyumimeiki


Saturday, January 24, 2015

and it's back! おとといはダーツリーグをゲームオン!the game started on Thursday and this season i'm playing with team FCDC Avengers in Division 4.

we started off really great with the first 3 games win and then we were lacking behind until the last game, last match when the team made a great comeback for the night's win! good start for the team! the night was truly exciting and filled with kan-cheongness from everyone.

really glad that captain trusted me in 3 games although i sorta suicide in my 3rd game. urghhh. need to train a lil harder before i come back on team in the 4th week.  heh~~~

on the side note... oh! G.E.M.'s concert was totally awesome!! it was massive. awesome staging, lighting and everything was perfectly synchronized. not to mention her live performance and voice totally blew me away! with her on the guitar, drums and grand piano!!!

Friday, January 23, 2015

so here goes again, yumi the random relationship philosopher. well, i may be right, i may be wrong. so take this with a pinch of salt would you?

this morning i saw a facebook status on one person complaining and scolding the other half on their relationship. this sort of reminded me of many others who had been doing the same thing. complaining and/or scolding their other half on social media.

so i took i long thought about it and reminded myself of the little statuses that i've posted back then. minor complains, feelings and quotes. i'm not saying its wrong to post relationship issue quotes or feelings but think about it, the relationship is yours and not others'. there will always be the pretty side and the ugly side of the story. 

why expose the ugly side of it to everyone else? let me share with you why you shouldn't

1. It gives other people an opportunity to "prey" on your other half.
- and so the saying goes "while you're not giving your significant half you attention, someone else is begging for his/her attention"
by posting the ugly side of it would give others who are interested in your significant half the chance to prey on them as this very vulnerable moment. and at this point of time, your vulnerable half may just fall for their bait into their prey. it would be too late for you to regret when you realize it. 

2. It should be private just between the two of you.
- the relationship is yours, it doesn't belong to anyone else. 
communicate with one and another, find out the issue and solve it together, not complaining on social media saying "there's no trust, u need ur personal space, bla bla bla"...this my friend, you will only end up turning yourselves into laughing topics for others.

3. It's pure Childish Drama!!!
- *grabs popcorn, watch drama* truth is, no one really bothers about your complaints. 
come on, be a man/woman! not only you are embarrassing your other half, but you are lowering your status as well. having said that, only childish kids will share problems/mistakes/issues with the other half on the internet while seeking for all the attention from the opposite sex. you only need attention from your significant half and if you don't get it, then talk to him/her about it!

it's ok to have bad times and arguments in a relationship. in fact it is only normal to argue as you will get to know each other better. it still is a form of communication. communication is the tool if you're planning to take your relationship into the serious stage. it takes two to clap. honesty and trust. so seeking attention stop telling the whole world about your relationship issues and grow up already! like seriously, keep the ugly side to yourselves already.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

achievement unlocked: magnum craving done

ahh!! like finally! i get to try out the oh-so-popular Magnum Cafe last night which i've been bugging the boyfie for. and so he says "achievement unlock, princess' magnum craving is done" hahahahaha!

well the main reason why we went last night was because it was the last day for me to claim my free "style my magnum" ice cream. so why not when it's free ice cream! plus we needed to go get some stuff for his new place.

traffic towards Midvalley yesterday was good!!! plus finding a parking lot was pretty easy too! luck was on our side it seems.

the queue at Magnum Cafe is no longer crazy anymore although we did have to queue for about 10 minutes before it was our turn to choose and create our magnum. so many to choose from but i was only limited to 3 toppings. ><"

vanilla ice cream, white milk dip (wanted dark choco but i had no idea what crossed my mind and i said white), toppings - golden nugget, nuts and choco balls with dark choco drip.

whereas boyfie chose from the menu instead of customizing his. he ordered recess with choco brownie ice cream inside. pretty interesting flavour.

ahhh! staring at these people working on my ice cream already made me drool.

and when it's done, the camera gets to nom the ice creams first. then our turn to nom them down. hehehe. thankiew my baby teddy for making me a happy girl! hehehehe~~~

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

we did out New Years eve countdown at Publika with my bestie and their co-workers. with dins and fireworks. pretty simple but the people you do it with counts most right?

well, it's not even through the month but things have been going pretty well! at least it's how i see it right now. pretty much enjoying every moment of it with minimal stress. work, family, friendship, relationship, darts, everything is sailing pretty ok so far.

weather is pretty sunny already. no more gloomy days or mood. thank god!

we did the usual cafe hopping. his favourite is still Starbucks while i'd prefer Pickle n Fig or Frisky Goat. but hey, the time spent counts most! talking and discussing a whole lot of ourselves and future plans makes me a happy girl. teehee~ guess now it's time we both cut down on coffee sessions.

plus helping him to move to the new place is so much fun. from choosing bed sheets to essential items and rearranging furniture to our liking. can't wait till we get our own place!

been practicing a lot more at the first two weeks coz league is starting this thursday. pretty excited but nervous as well. let's hope for the best.

at the moment i'm totally looking forward to GEM concert this coming Friday and off to Hong Kong next week! woohooo~~~till then, my next post will probably be on my Hong Kong holiday! ahh winter! hehehe~~

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

a week back a friend was talking to me and then she suddenly said this...

"I don't know if it's just me or what but... Have u ever had trust issues in your relationship(s)?"
"I feel insecure if he doesn't text back or call or say I LOVE U."
"Am I the problem?"

truth is..

YES! i had trust issues in previous relationships but i'm not having issues in my current relationship. WHY so? (the fact that i got to know my current boyfie via a social media app should make me more insecure but NOH!)

so..what was the cause of my insecurity? what made me that way? or who caused me to be insecure? so many questions asked, so few answers.

in the world that is filled with temptations and with human's curiosity, it is not easy to resist them. all of these are really based on self-discipline and respect towards your other half.

i was younger, naive and i always thought the world would be the same too. i expected that if i am to treat him that way, he'd do the same too. yet the insecurity within me still strikes. i was once cheated by one of my ex which hurts really badly so i told myself to never do that.

and in fact, in my next relationship i had trust issues from early stage. i feared a lot. which is pretty unfair to my other half. i've got to admit that i've checked his phone and i tend to over-think when he decides to meet his friends or attend a wedding without me. that lasted for a couple of months before that insecurity and trust was properly built.

it really isn't easy to put all of these into words. i've come a long way with some realizations on having relationship trust issues. it really is u.

here are some signs of u having trust issues.

1. Checking on him/her
- While privacy is an essential, it still is mandatory in the relationship. You start peeking into his/her phone. You check their last seen time on Whatsapp. You just want to know whatever he or she is doing at every moment of his/her life with or without you around.

2. Thinking / Assuming the Worse
- Fearing of the worse would only makes things worse. You start thinking if he/she is probably out with another person on a date when they are not replying your texts or answering your call. In fact, he/she might have fell asleep or be in a meeting.

3. Mind Games
- In my previous blogpost on Mind Games (read HERE), I've mentioned that if you are interested, don't start playing "hard-to-get so that you get what you're worth." Who is to determine your value anyway?. In this episode, you probably use "To get his/her attention, you dont give him/her your attention." Well, it's not the way when you both are already together.

4. Jealousy over the Smallest Matters
- You monitor his/her every move. So he/she probably liked an opposite gender's Facebook status and photo but that doesn't mean that they are interested in the person or do they?

and here's what you should really do to fix your trust issues.

1. Communicate
- In order to be with one and another, you have to communicate. Share your views, plans and expectations. You can't expect someone else to just read your mind!

2. Don't Revenge on the Next
- Just because u were badly hurt in your previous relationship and that he/she betrayed u, it doesn't mean u should or can do the same to the next person.

3. Forgive & Forget
- Locking yourself and dwelling in the past won't help in your new relationship and it's only going to make it worse! Let go of the past, learn from it and be a better person.

4. Grow up!
- It is understandable if you're still at the age of 18~23. You're still in the growing process but if u're way above that age, it's time u grow up already!

5. Stop Over-Thinking
- The more you think, the worse it becomes! Remember that you don't own the person and they should also have their personal time and space.

6. Be Truthful
- Be honest and do not start even if it is a small white lie. Open up if there is anything that is bothering you whether it is work or even the relationship.

To built a smooth relationship, you've really got to stop taking your own securities and then blaming it on others. Don't take the past and reflect it in the new relationship. No one is perfect and imperfection is the beauty of the relationship. There may be small and big arguments but these are part of life and life's excitement!

the best way to a relationship for me right now is to not have unrealistic expectations so there won't be stupid disappointments which would end up leading the relationship into a downturn.

nothing comes easy. u will have to go through the ups and downs in every part of life. embrace it and learn as you move. :)

Friday, January 9, 2015

guess this rainy weather is gonna last for quite some time eh? i dont quite remember when it actually started. probably early of last month.

the truth is i have a love-hate relationship with this weather. i personally love cold weather. be it winter or the rain or just pure cooling spring. the thing about this weather is it just perfect for overalls, sweaters and oh my all time favourite trench coats! so i can finally dress up in my thick sweaters and long trench without being stared weirdly at!

and of course this weather is also perfect for loads of under the blanket cuddles and snuggles!

but at the same time, this non-stop rain is causing horrible floods all over and i tend to oversleep most of the days! gahhhh~~~

anyone else have the same relationship with this weather like me?

here's end with my #ootd from yesterday. more sweater ootd coming soon! (provided i can wake up early to snap. teehee!)

Fedora: Pull & Bear (Old)
Houndsooth Sweatshirt: Emoda
Grey Jeans: H&M
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Bracelet: Assorted

Thursday, January 8, 2015

I found the reason to breathe. And the reason is u.

life is filled with imperfection and with imperfection, we work hard to make it perfect. human beings too are imperfect but as time goes as we grow, we change for the better (or for worse for some). when you put two imperfect souls together, all it takes is to see each other in the perfect way.

having said, both of us are imperfect in many ways and we're both still learning the ways of each other's lives. yet we have many similarities. there were things that u used to dislike but enjoy doing now with me. and there are situations which i've learnt to deal with as well.

being with u is like i've found that missing puzzle piece that i've always been searching for all these while. yet it makes me feel like we've known each other for all our lives.

today marks two months of being together. time flies whenever i'm with u but it is the time spent with u that makes me happy most. being with u is as simple as it may be but it is filled with happiness. looking at u smile makes me smile too!

thank you for loving me for my imperfection. i love u my baby teddy.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

at approximately two years ago (well, to be exact April 2013) i've been introduced to darts which i actually brushed away saying nahhhhh. i was very skeptic about it as i feared that my dart would fall on ground before it even reached the board. and all of a sudden i ended up getting all addicted to this game. trust me i had no idea what magic dart has done to me that up till today i still am addicted to it.

i have to admit that when i first gotten addicted to it, it really got into me. and i wanted to practice everyday after work. my mind was always filled with just DARTS. so i totally understand how the boyfie is right now being all into it and wanting to practice almost everyday. hahaha.

5 months down the road, life in darts changed a lil when i've managed to get myself a sponsorship contract with one of the top dart accessories brand - Fit Flight. and since then, i'd always aim to achieve better.

it really isn't just a hobby. it is a sport that i'd really like to excel in although i still am pretty noob after trying for so long.

there are so many things to take in consideration when playing darts. from posture to grip to stroke and release point. everything has to be in place and properly locked or else you wont be able to hit your target.

there are many ways that dart has changed my life and me. i've gotten to know so many awesome people and meet old friends since i started it. and i've sort of managed to train my patience (everyone has a different tempo when playing darts. if you are impatient, you may not be able to play well) and concentration (aim, focus, throw. u have to overcome ur mindset and nervousness before you compete). oh yes, this is not something that can be trained immediately but over a period of time. and each time it gets better and better.

i've participated in many tournaments and so far two leagues. each game teaches me something new. to overcome my nervousness and keep calm as well as concentrate only on the dart board. i've also learnt that i sometimes play better when i sing. probably because i'm calmer that way.

the highest achievement is Joint 3rd with Eduardo Santos in MSDO 2013 while i've only managed to bag Top 8 in the rest of the tournaments (be it singles or doubles). i guess i tend to get over excited and nervous when i reach that stage so i'll definitely have to train harder in overcoming that nervousness.

trust me when i say each time an achievement is unlocked, it makes me really happy. for example winning a certain player in a tournament or hitting a certain average point or even getting a certain position in a tournament.

and yes, if it is something you like or enjoy, u will always want to do it no matter how bad u are at it. this year's target is to achieve a higher rating. and like the saying goes, practice makes perfect! teehee~~~

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

i guess it is time to stop and look back at all the highlights of twenty fourteen for me.

twenty fourteen start off in the simplest way possible. there wasn't anything special besides me being at camerons for the first time for company trip (oh i left that company already btw). did one of my proudest work for Kenny for Valentines this year too!

played in Super League Season 2 with TrebleMaker. then participated in Johnny Walker Gold Cup and did quite well although we didn't make it through.

and then i got my Google certifications in Google AdWords. woohooo! it really is quite an achievement for me coz i had no idea on Google AdWords before joining my previous company and attending the course. and also Google Analytics certification. hehe~

did two catwalks for Twenty3. first was bridesmaids collection during april KLPJ Wedding Fair and then again at Twenty3 | Chapter One launch!

a lot of cafe hopping. a lot of coffee and hot chocs tasted! with the most important people in my life!

and then i took a jump into my current company with a new job position and role. this time around i'm stuck right in front of my pc all day long. as opposed to my previous jobs whereby i could run around. but hey, i'm enjoying every bit of my current job as a copywriter / social content writer. plus i have a bunch of really awesome colleagues!

and oh i've not mentioned that i finally got to watch Sam Tsui perform live! and he even used my photo (and tag me on twitter! plus credit on facebook) for his next tour promo image!

celebrated my birthday in the most awesome ways with the most awesome people in my life. too many i have no idea which photo to choose!

got my second year contract with Fit Flight! so blessed having my favourite dart accessory brand to sponsor me for the second year although i haven't been playing too well.

not to mention i did my craziest 10km tipsy run coz i partied hard till 5am before my run. hahahahaha!!! i'm glad i made it through without KO-ing and still had the energy for japanese class right after the run.

participated in MSDO 2014 although i've only made it to Top 32 in Dynamic Duos day one. but it was hell of an awesome experience! more to come! and oh, i'm in an on-going ladies league.

this year, i took a huge leap in life. i let go of someone who was once very important to me. it wasn't an easy decision but i made that choice. a couple months down the road, i met someone new who is now very important in my life. it may seem easy but no one would understand what we both went through. or at least what i had to go through making the decision and taking a new leap into a new relationship is such a short period of time. yet, i appreciate this new journey that fate has taken me to.

this year's travelogue?
March - Wedding
April - Google Training
November - Hello Kitty Run

November - Hello Kitty Town

September - Fun filled cray time

there were a lot that i've walked through twenty fourteen. a lot of ups and downs. but i'm enjoying every bit of them. i'm truly blessed with the ones that i have. thank you for being part of my twenty fourteen!
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